Another week, another comic. When I was writing this one it took me a while to come up with, but it’s probabaly one of the more obvious jokes I’ve written. Yeah I can come up with stuff like “Tentacle Deamon Reppelant” easily, yet it takes me about 20 minutes to come up with this? Next I’ll be solving complex mathematical equations while trying to figure out how to flush the toilet.

We’ve got two new bit’s of fan art this week. The first is a belated ChristmasFan Comic by Scott Cameron, great work Scott! (I am now debating turning that into a Back To The Future “GREAT SCOTT!” pun….I think I’ll leave it).

Our second bit of fan art comes courtesy of one Tara Jenkin’s, one of the Fallout Shelter’s admins. Click the link to see LIVE NAKED VIRUS AND LOTHAR! *Chika wow, chika wow wow chika wow*

I swear this is the last link. Sonic X premiered in the UK this week, I wrote up my thought in an article about the first epsiode click here to read it. Warning, lot’s of swearing, sarcasm and anger.