Damnit Virus, not only do you do great drawn stuff, but look at those 3D images on the PC. Jesus I wish I was that talented, (is transfixed by the floaty bald head).

So, I’ve been playing Xbox Live for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. The organization is great, pick a gamertag and its yours for EVERY Xbox Live game, the headset is essential to your enjoyment as well, insulting other gamers and just general chatting to your friends. Lag is a problem but it’s not that common since everyone is at least using a basic broadband connection, but it’s present. Downloadable content is cool too, though some games have charged for certain things. On MechAssault theres a package of 5 maps to download as long as you pay £3.63. If it was maybe, 15 maps plus more mechs, I may be tempted, but since no one uses those maps anyway I dont see the point. Still 99.9% of downloadable content is free, so yay! Making friends on it is really easy, Ive got about 10-15 people on my friends list that I’ve met just playing the games and they’re all great guys.

Still since it’s an online gaming service, you will meet absolute fucktards who’s only reason for living is to annoy you. Such as people booting you from their games for no reason. Why host the game then BOOT people from it with no explantion? You’ve also got your cheating bastards. I was playing Project Gotham 2 against these 2 guys using the same account (one as a guest) and the entire race they just kept smashing me into the walls, though I still managed to win. Lesson learned? Barging through cheating bastards is fun.

Also, there are people who are just fucking stupid. First game of MechAssault I played some idiot kept shouting into his mic asking if anyone was “On this Comm Channel” me and this other guy ended up telling him to shut the hell up. Then he was bitching about wanting to play Halo, so me and the other guy basically said “FOR FUCKS SAKE IF YOU WANNA PLAY HALO, PLAY HALO. WHY ARE YOU PLAYING MECHASSAULT ONLINE IF YOU WANNA PLAY HALO?” Fair enough Halo is my favourtie game on the Xbox, but I was there to blow the shit out of Mechs. Then there’s the team killing bastards on Return To Castle Wolfestein: Tides Of War. Look I may be playing as a Nazi BUT SO ARE YOU! Idiots.

If your wondering about getting Xbox Live and have a broadband net connection I who heartedley recommend it, the idiots are not out in force and the games on live are great fun, definatly worth the money.