This is one of those comics that just wouldnt work without the great visuals. *Look’s at panels 3 and 4, then snickers*

I haven’t got much to say at the moment as it’s 11:30 pm at the time of typing this and I have JUST finished typing out 3 essays, so I’m not exactly in the mood to type anything, I’ll probably edit this tommorow.

And I just remembered I never got around to re-writing the next storyline…..FUCK *starts that*

Edit, 10:25 PM: Right now I’m back with a little rant. About Steve “Croikey” Irwin, aka the Crocodile Hunter.

I used to find the guy entertaining, now he’s just annoying. He does the same thing every time he’s on TV. He either:

a) Get’s a stick and smacks an animal with it until the thing tries to eat him.
b) Jump’s on an animal and try’s to get it to bite him.
c) Throw’s food at the animal in a vague attempt to get it to attack him.
c) Dangles a live baby in front of Crocodile (no shit he did this with his OWN FUCKING KID).

The last point, I somehow doubt Irwin though he was actually putting his kid in danger and would have beaten the shit out of the crocodile if it even tried to eat his kid. But Jesus Spoony Christ! YOUR HOLDING A BABY IN FRONT OF A LIVE CROCODILE FOR FUCK’S SAKE, DOESEN’T THAT SEEM EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT STUPID?

Also you know all these dangerous and/or poisonous creatures in Australia? Like those Spider’s that live in toilet’s and the evil Boxing Kangaroo’s of Doom? How come none of em have managed to kill the bastard yet? He might as well stick a giant sign round his neck saying “EAT ME” in some of the situations he get’s into.

One day a Crocodile will eat him, and that Crocodile shall be made the King of France as a reward, just like in this Artist’s rendering that was not bunged up in 5 minutes in MS Paint by me.

Edit, Saturday 10:25 PM: Seem’s someone who really likes Steve Irwin can’t take a fucking joke.

And also I made a special apperance in this week’s Purgatory comic, so go check that out.