It was either this or a crappy joke about “going out to launch”. Bloody ungrateful cast members. Ok its probably the least funny one I’ve written in a while, but meh. They can’t all be “THE LOTHAR WAY” can they?

New fan art this week, by our resident fangirl JuniChan (bloody hell she’s turned up a lot in these news-posts hasn’t she?), entitled Baby Lothar. I’d hate her, but it’s a damn good pic.

Bit of an interesting news week in the UK, because we’ve had TWO major breaches of security, one at Buckingham Palace and another at the Houses of Parliament. The first one at Buckingham Palace was committed by “Fathers for Justice”, a group who work towards getting fathers allowed to see their kids after divorces. Which is a good cause. You may remember them from when they attacked Tony Blair with a condom full of purple flour a couple of months ago. Basically the group does wacky things like dress up as superheroes and hangs out on bridges. This time however, they got a bloke dressed as Batman to climb Buckingham Palace and stick a banner on the main balcony.

Ok first of all, Fathers for Justice? It’s kind of hard to take you seriously when you are constantly climbing things in your underwear. Yeah sure it is impressive, but I doubt many people start going “DADS HAVE RIGHTS TOO”, more likely they go “Look at that fucking nutter!”

And while you were at it, why didn’t you do something useful, like go up to the Queen and slap her stupid extinct monarchist face?

And palace security blokes? What the fucking hell were you doing while this guy was climbing the Queens house? Seriously? I can’t think of anything that you would be doing that would make you not notice a bloke in tights walking around the palace grounds. Although you did let a bloke dressed as Osama Bin Laden within 2 feet of Prince William so I guess this kinda shit is run-of-the-mill for you. Seriously, if nutters dressed as superheroes or terrorists can walk up to the royalty how come we never get anyone useful doing it? Like military personnel so they can walk up to the Queen and say “Yeah the country doesn’t want you any more, you’re fired.” Although maybe that’s the plan, make security so crap that somebody who hates the monarchy will get in and do some damage? Hell a journalist managed to get a job as butler with a PUB as a reference. So I don’t see any trained assassins having any problems getting in.

The second security breach this week was done at the Houses of Parliament as they were planning to ban fox hunting, which I’m not bothered about either way. I just like the idea that all the elitist “Upper Class” wankers won’t be able to enjoy their favourite past time any more. And I shall laugh at them. A lot. Basically they managed to storm into the Commons as the law was being passed. They did get arrested and moved out a few minutes later, but to be frank they should not have got in there in the first place. Its not hard to spot whom belongs in parliament who doesn’t. “Bloke in suit, bloke in suits, tosser in white T-shirt…hang on!” Just to point out, the law got passed and Fox Hunting will be banned in England by 2006. *Points and laughs at elitist wankers*

But seriously, I have the feeling that with all these other security breaches, I could walk up to #10 Downing Street knock on the door and nobody would think it was odd until I punched Tony Blair in the face and tattoed “I LOVE GEORGE BUSH” on his forehead.

Woo that was a long rant, until next week people, cya later.