Not one of my better scripts I must admit. I have more fan art to put up, but I’m lazy and trying to beat the Magnificent Five on Viewtiful Joe.

Queen Qeeko writes:

“I apologize sincerely for the craptacular quality of today’s comic, although I do have stress and frequent computer crashes as my ailments so I hope you’ll forgive me for Rogue’s hands being too small or Virus’ head being funny shaped more than once. *shrugs* Make lemonade when life gives us lemons, right? *shakes life* Gimme oranges or I’ll take your lunch money!

Anyway. Enough griping from me. I suppose I have less reason to complain than most people around. Hey. I just finished the second comic for my little honour as a tempt artist for Exterminatus Now.

And so my work for EN and the guys ends here, I guess, and I want to throw a huge thanks towards all four of them. First, for letting me be the one to help out. Yes, I did them a favour by getting the comic to move forward some and still allow studying to get done for some of them, but this is something that I know I was lucky to be approached for. And I thank each of them. Lothar for asking me in the first place and just being a great guy in general. Thanks for the scripts for me to draw from, man. Thanks to Virus for sending me backgrounds for the comics and being a inspiration to this little Qitty ^^. Thanks to Silversword for always being a friendly blokes and never telling me to go away when I chat away at him in AIM. And to Eastwood, for explaining stuff to me each and every time I worry about it on the forums and for gracing me with a “Bloody hell… O.o ” every time I showed him some of my artwork ^^;;

Peace out, everyone!