Well it was quite a daunting task, narrowing down from the dozens, nay, hundreds, no no thousa- okay we got one. Luckily, it was a good one, otherwise that whole endeavour would have been a bit buggered. So many thanks to Grady of the comic Moron County for bailing out our overconfident, self-flattering backsides. Excellent work, gave us a good chuckle.

Next week we kick into act 3 of the Morth story, no Morth Saga, I think, more appropriate. There’s a possibility it may be late (“No, really Virus? You update late? Surely not!”) because I’m working a lot of hours, and I still have 3D to mess around with. If you’ll recall what happened last time I postponed a comic on account of 3D, you may appreciate that we intend to start act 3 in grand fashion.