Went out on Friday to run some errands, i.e. get my currency for my trip to America two weeks from now, get the new Gears of War novel, and a new charge cable for my 360 as my current one is knackered. After doing them I was over at Teesside Park, which is a large shopping park with loads of shops, one of them being Borders where I got the book.

Anyway, I had $300 of US currency in my bag, along with a pre-paid card with another $700, I had a charge cable for an American games console, as well as a bag from Borders, a US owned company, and while I was in Borders, I got a caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks. This caused me to have a minor cultural crisis questioning Britishness and my own cultural identity, and even my geographical location! Immediately I asked a random passer-by to say something British to confirm where I was.

“Go away you wanker.”

Yep, passive aggressiveness with a curse word thrown in. That’s British all right!