Pixellated’s development thread (lots of screenshots and expression tests)
The final walk cycle draft render, based on a design brief to “Do him creeping cautiously through the fog, like the recent comic
Edit Feb 20th: Pix put up an awesome new video with some more polish

US and Canada Store
UK and EU Store

Decided to take advantage of Spreadshirt’s free shipping offer to test the waters. Spreadshirt’s prints are great, they’re not your average screen print, they’re a really durable vinyl-like cutout that gets heat-sealed to the fabric by magical pixie voodoo (I assume). There are some limitations to this process however, so we’re only able to provide these two designs right now.

Once again, the free shipping code is “FREELOVE” – enter at checkout, valid January 28-30, 2013 only. Be sure to chose the right store for your address, or the offer code won’t work! I think. And if you’re outside North America or Europe… Sorry. I mean, give the code a try, and PLEASE let me know if it works and I’ll update this post right away.