EN Merch Clearance Event!

Order now!

EN never had much merch, least of all online. The printed version of “Bookend of Unimaginable Power” (the second Morth story) is available print-on-demand here. Aside from that it was shirts and knick-knacks at conventions, and I have a bit of that stuff still lying around. So let’s clear out Virus’s closet!

There are three t-shirt designs, in limited numbers of M/L/XL/2XL. No Small, sorry! First come, first serve on sizing, and they won’t be reprinted.

Pricing’s in Canadian Dollars, which are pretty weak at time of writing, so international buyers can scoop em up at less than US$15, less than €13, and well under £10, plus shipping. Worldwide shipping can be pricey, so we’ve included a slower, but cheaper surface mail option.

Here’s the deal: the first dozen orders of one or more shirts will also include a mini merch bundle consisting of:

  • Six 1.5″ pin buttonsAll gone!
  • A bookmarkAll gone!
  • An 8×5 “Toaster Safety” postcard
  • Four business card designs

Not super exciting stuff, but it’ll never be printed again. Nice souvenir from our time here? And I’ll sign anything you request. And as a $5 add-on I’ll do a quick marker sketch of an EN character of your choosing.

I only have a dozen full sets. Orders after that, I’ll be out of bookmarks. Then Blasphemy buttons. Orders will just include whatever’s left. And so on, until it’s gone.

Click here to fill out the order form. We’ll take payment separately, by Paypal or by Square invoice. More than two or three shirts may incur extra shipping, especially at larger sizes. We’ll let you know before payment. Questions? Email Sales@PerfectlyChaotic.com

Thanks guys! Oh, and I hope you enjoy the comic this week. Been looking forward to this one for years.