T-SHIRT PURCHASERS: Please check your spam folders! We’re still waiting on one or two payments, so if you haven’t heard from us, please check that your junk filter hasn’t eaten the invoice.

Quick update to say thanks for the great turnout on the shirt sales! They are very nearly all gone: just some Blasphemy XL/2XLs left. Jessica’s been hard at work invoicing, organising the packages, and shipping em out – thanks hon, you’re the best. They’ve gone out in batches, some of you probably received them already, but we have to apologise for a delay on mailing out larger packets (if you ordered three XLs, two XXLs, or more). We’re supposed to have some larger poly bags coming in the mail, but they still haven’t turned up. Such orders will be shipped as soon as we have something to cram em into.

Hoping to get a new comic done over the weekend. It has not been a productive time otherwise.