Oh. Hey guys. Long time no anything.

Let’s face it, I stopped doing it for a reason. Once stopped, it was hard to start up again. But! I got most of the way done with the first epilogue! Then I put it on hold to work on the above because we’re heading to Calgary this weekend. Just letting you know I didn’t die yet. Certainly shouldn’t be another eight months before the next update. Like I said, mostly done.

The wife and I ran through Gravity Falls in the past few weeks. Best animated show since Last Airbender? I don’t watch a lot of TV, I’m sure there’s more good stuff out there (yes yes, I keep meaning to get into Rick and Morty). Like Airbender, I think it pulls a similar trick of endearing you to the characters by being hilarious and charming in the monster-of-the-week episodes, and then once you’re thoroughly invested, ups the stakes and drops the crazy awesome mytharc eps. I let it play a second time through in the background while working on this, and all the little call-forwards and foreshadowing bits are delicious.

It also hits a similar vein of what we strived for with Exterminatus Now, straddling paranormal horror themes and goofy comedy turns. The episode “Roadside Attraction” struck a very familiar chord. Some of the gags are near-identical!

I wanted a fanart piece to tell a bit of story, and to include a creature of existing paranormal folklore that was never mentioned in the show. Oregon might be a bit far north for this beast’s usual range, but Soos might know it as… El Chupacabra, dawg!

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