• Name: Hex, Lothar
  • Species: Echidna
  • – Distinguishing Features: He’s a bloody echidna for a start – they’re extinct by most accounts. Bionic legs, right arm, and right eye.
  • Affiliation: Mercenary
  • Birthplace: Cloned from Echidna remains, location Unknown
  • Nationality: Unspecified
  • Armaments: 40mm plasma blaster, 3000 RPM saw, both incorporated into the bionic arm.

A freelance mercenary hired by Zuviel and Eastwood to aid them in their quest against heresy. Though a less appropriate agent of justice would be difficult to imagine, considering Hex’s less-than-sparkling record. He is loud, angry, brash, arrogant, cynical and sarcastic. So not unlike Eastwood himself in many respects. He is also, to be frank, a criminal. A criminal that fate has placed on entirely the wrong end of the Holy Inquisition’s wrath.

With warrants for arrest on almost every continent, for crimes ranging from the trivial (more counts of curb-crawling and drunk and disorderliness than can be estimated), to the serious (assault and battery, murder one, large scale videogame theft and piracy), to outright treason to throne and country (mooning His Majesty the King of Crownshead on 43 separate occasions). Indeed, this being’s mere existence is a blasphemy, for Hex was created under an illegal Commonwealth bioweapon program using genetic material from the extinct race of Echidnas.

In short, Hex rightfully deserves nothing more than to be purged from the face of the planet. Frustratingly however, by being officially inducted into the warband of an inquisitor, Hex has been acquitted of all crimes to date, and is therefore exempt from punishment. Someone on the Council needs to bloody well read what they’re signing. Attempts at erasing him on an ‘unofficial’ basis have proven so far unsuccessful. For the moment, we are prepared to let the heathen live. The Council are not without mercy. Besides, he’s eating more of our black budget than the Librum Diabolicus and the Fnord Conspiracy put together, and we can’t afford to lose any more special ops teams.