• Name: Morth, Silas
  • AKA:“The Betrayer”
  • Species: Badger
  • – Distinguishing Features: Bionic Left Eye
  • Affiliation: Dark Pantheon
  • Rank:
  • – Previously: Inquisition Field Operative EXCOMMUNICATED
  • – Currently: Patternari Cult Leader
  • Birthplace: Nautilus Gate, Valdor, Allied Soverigns of Meridia
  • Nationality: Meridian

Once a promising inquisitor, Morth fostered an obsession with the Dark God of Lies, and ultimately turned rogue, embracing the Darkness he had sworn to fight against. Proving early in his career that everything he touches turns to shit, Inquisitor Eastwood was a key figure in the incident and subsequent investigation. As a friend and partner of the traitor, Eastwood was held and questioned thoroughly about the possibility of concealing prior knowledge of the badger’s corruption, but was found to be completely ignorant. A conclusion that still applies to this day.

Morth resurfaced some years later, having built a substantial cult following, and staged an assassination attempt on the Meridian Commander-In-Chief, likely recognising that the popular Inquisitor Lord’s death would deal a devastating blow to Inquisition morale. Thankfully, the attempt failed, but the brave Commander was hospitalised for some time. As a result, some clown put Eastwood of all people in charge of a Black Guard airborne squadron. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the operation was an utter failure, and the rogue inquisitor escaped. True, Morth’s plan was foiled, his stronghold destroyed, and his cult decimated, but this doubtless only served to enrage him and make him even more dangerous. The one silver lining in these events is that, should Morth return with another deadly scheme, he will probably kill Eastwood first, giving the rest of us plenty of warning.