• Name: Nekittou, Ryoushi
  • Alias: Rogue
  • Species: Cat
  • Affiliation: Daemon Hunter
  • Birthplace: Shokuminchi, Nofunaga Province, Taika
  • Nationality: Taikan
  • Armaments: Tachyglossian-Design Void-Core Beam Weapon; Type-K Sword Model, Blue.

A treasure hunter once contracted by the Government to keep tabs on the mysterious Project Shadow, Rouge is a female bat wh – Wait, did you mean Rogue? Rogue the Cat? Sorry, wrong file.


Ryoushi Nekittou is a member of the ancient monastic order known as the Daemon Hunters, whose base of operations is nestled deep within Taika, and is better known by the name of “Rogue” anywhere but their home village as per Daemon Hunter tradition. Seperate from the Inquisition, but with similar goals, the Daemon Hunters are dedicated to hunting the daemonic and by extention their followers. Rogue is a powerful and dedicated member of his order.

However, his dedicated and serious nature is somewhat overwhelmed by his sheer arrogance. He is cocky, sardonic, and his own opinion of himself and his abilities far outweighs his actual skill – which has landed him in trouble he is ill-equipped to handle on several occassions. One time he thought he could take on a 500 man strong cannibal cult by himself. Luckily for him, reinforcements arrived just before they added the spices. Still, they had shaved his fur off by that time – which explains his other nickname around his fellow Daemon Hunters. “Nudist”.