• Name: Poe, Sebastian Thomas
  • Species: Deinonychus
  • Affiliation: Inquisition
  • Rank: Interrogator
  • Birthplace: Ostromshire, Albion, Allied Sovereigns of Meridia
  • Nationality: Meridian
  • Armaments: Bouchard Industries 7.65mm semiautomatic pistol with flechette rounds.

Sebastian Poe is an exemplary member of the Interrogator corps. He is well versed in a wide variety of interrogation methods and knows how to put each and every one to good use, making him highly capable of extracting a wealth of usable information from prisoners.

It would seem illogical, in light of that, to have him assigned to Inquisitor Deket’s field operations team; Although she is capable of making use of his interrogation talents, and indeed sometimes does, more often than not they leave few if any prisoners alive and in a state that they could answer questions. There are many reasons for his continued assignment, first and foremost amongst them being the hope that his level-headed restraint may eventually rub off on Inquisitor Deket and thus curb her tendancy for overzealous destruction.

Besides, have you ever tried to argue with her? I’m not sure we could pass a reassignment order through her even if we wanted to.