• Name: Zuviel, Syrus
  • AKA: The Virus
  • Species: Rat
  • Affiliation: Inquisition
  • Rank: Inquisition Field Operative
  • Birthplace: Middenheim, Formund, Allied Sovereigns of Meridia
  • Nationality: Meridian
  • Armaments: Bouchard Industries 9mm semiautomatic pistol; Hollow point rounds filled with silver nitrate solution.

Nobody is quite sure how Zuviel ever made the grade for full inquisitor rank. Clerical error is suspected, but unproven. To call him incompetent would be unfair, as Zuviel is actually very good at what he does. Unfortunately, what he actually “does” has yet to be determined. A career underachiever, he has about as much self-motivation as a Fernexite has social skills. He is calm and collected, except under pressure when it counts, and while possessed mostly of good intentions, he is either too lazy, cowardly, or just plain idiotic to follow through. And he never files his damned paperwork on time either.

Some would call Zuviel a radical inquisitor. Others would just call him a bastard heretic. Radicalism is a recognised modus operandi among the Inquisition, and controlled use of certain black arts can prove very effective when practiced by a responsible and cautious agent. “The ends justifies the means,” is the philosophy of the radicalist. Zuviel is neither responsible nor cautious, and seems to think that the “means” can be justified by being “good for a laugh.”

With any luck, he will cross paths with an intolerant Tyrusian inquisitor who will remove him from our concerns.