• Name: Keila, Yuri
  • Alias: Wildfire
  • Species: Cat
  • Affiliation: Daemon Hunters
  • Birthplace: Shaku-ji, Workoh Province, Taika
  • Nationality: Taikan
  • Armaments: Tachyglossian Design Void-Core Beam Weapons;
  • 1 Type-D Sword Model, Cyan.
  • 1 Type-P Sword Model, Red.

Yuri Keila is another of the Taikan Daemon Hunters, and as per tradition is known as “Wildfire” outside of their monastary village. Though young, and having only having fairly recently completed her training, Wildfire is nonetheless considered a fully fledged Daemon Hunter by her peers.

Wildfire displays an incredible aptitude for melee combat, outpacing similarly aged Daemon Hunters and Inquisitors in pure martial skill by several orders of magnitude. That said, though a combat prodigy, Wildfire is an abysmally bad tactician and theorist; Prone to massive collateral damage and poor daemonic recognition, and has trouble following orders at the best of times. She is reputed to have managed to destroy every piece of training equipment in Jin Kansoku at least once, and has nearly burned down their main temple on three seperate occassions.

It is possible that such combat aptitude could be brought to bear against the Forces of Darkness as an effective weapon, if put under the guidance of a competent inquisitor with a good grasp of tactical prowess and leadership, and not the pair of idiots that is Eastwood and Zuviel. Time will tell if this is to be the case. However, it is fervently hoped by High Command that should she continue to work under Inquisition liason that she doesn’t cause more property damage that we can afford to pay for – the Insurance premiums are bad enough with the Tyrusian Puritans.