I’m still a bunch of comics ahead… But I still have yet to draw a full comic with Lothar or Rogue in it :p Well, you two can be in a OOC Halloween one-off next week, ‘kay?

Thanks to everyone for their support. As Lothar said, breaking top 50 in a week – we gotta be doing something right. Response and feedback has been great, I hope we can continue to please ^_^

Addendum –
Grim Darkness helpfile no. 1 – Eastwood says: “Oh for Gruss’ sake” in panel three. Gruss is the benevolent Machine God. It is he to whom we pray for mercy in all things mechanical and computer related. When he is displeased he turns his back on our digital pleas, and leaves us to the Blue Screened gaze of his Dark counterpart, the Fell Technomancer, Fernex. A small point, but explained here for those interested ^^ You will get to know Fernex intimately in due time…