• Name: Jonson, Damien
  • Species: Ground Squirrel
  • Affiliation: Inquisition
  • Rank: Inquisition Field Operative
  • Birthplace: Devlan, Crownshead, Allied Sovereigns of Meridia
  • Nationality: Meridian
  • Armaments: Charm, wit and sexual magnetism. Inquisitor Jonson has a distressing tendency to destroy, misuse or lose any weapons issued to him by the Armouries. Records suggest adept with most infantry weapons, and a fondness for the Bouchard Industries .357 ‘Tundra Hawk’ semi-automatic Magnum.

How does one describe someone like Inquisitor-Brother Jonson? Most of his colleagues settle on ‘awesome’ and leave it at that. Damien is an exemplary field agent, with a record of successful prosecutions that puts the rest of us to shame, despite his young age.

The only blemish on his character, according to the quacks employed by Internal Vigilance, is his sociopathic tendencies that manifest themselves as problems with authority and his rather caviler attitude to the opposite sex. In my considered opinion, they’re just jealous of the amount of tail he gets. Jonson may not always play by the book, but by Tyrus does he get the job done.

Damien is one of the finest field operatives the Inquisition has ever had. That he has achieved all this, despite who he was trained by, is nothing short of astounding.