• Name: Vaegun, Leyana
  • Species: Wasp
  • Affiliation: Mercenary
  • Birthplace: Hornek, Colcha, Saratanos Islands
  • Nationality: Colchan
  • Armaments: 2x Kessler Industries RX14 Heavy Raptor Pistols with extended clip.

Inquisitor Deket’s primary contract mercenary, Leyana Vaegun is a hot-headed whirlwind of loud noise and mayhem. Serving in the Colchan Armed Forces for eighteen months apparantly taught her nothing of discipline, though it apparantly did hit a record for the largest number of disciplinary offences racked up during a tour of service.

Like many freelance mercenaries, Leyana has a disdain for authority, poor impulse control and no understanding of the concept of restraint. Unlike most other freelance mercenaries, however, she also has a personal armoury capable of overthrowing a small nation stashed in various safehouses across the Meridian continent. That being under Inquisition employ keeps this out of the hands of other organizations is perhaps the only advantage one can gleam from this setup. One shudders to think of the damage she could cause without proper guidance.

Thankfully, Inquisitor Deket has apparantly taken a shine to her, though Gods only knows why. So long as it keeps her destructive tendancies aimed squarely at our enemies though, Inquisition Command sees fit to retain her services. Even if she is a cocky little foul-mouthed brat.