• Name: Deket, Nadia Meryl
  • Species: Mountain Lion
  • Affiliation: Inquisition
  • Rank: Inquisition Field Operative
  • Birthplace: Devlan, Crownshead, Allied Sovereigns of Meridia
  • Nationality: Meridian
  • Armaments: Mk. IX ‘Gungnir’ Series Vibro-Glaive with retractable handle
    Photon Inc. Mk.IV ‘Bravace’ Pulsed Particle Pistol
  • Equipment: CABAL unit built into customised Dios Drone
    V.N. ‘Neurojack’ series Mind Impulse Unit implant

Nadia Deket is a skilled, shrewd Inquisitor with a talent for meleƩ combat, cybernetic interface systems and squad tactics. She is also a Tyrusian purist of the highest order, and is such strict, pragmatic, and colder than the dark side of the outer moon. Still, she is a highly effective Inquisitor, capable of rooting out heresy and bringing down entire cults with almost contemptuous ease.

Unfortunately, she has -no- concept of restraint. An entire sub-category of the Exterminatus Protocal Budgetary revision, circa 3022, was drafted in response to her unit’s numerous calls for Exterminatus firings, and at the her current rate of requests, it is estimated we wouldn’t have been able to verify and sanction all the firings for years after she died, whenever that was.

Fortunately, with limited Exterminatus sanction, she has resorted to other means for dealing with many of her missions. Unfortunately, these are often no less destructive than a sanctioned Exterminatus Firing would be. She seems to have taken a particular liking to the “Jericho” series multi-purpose plasma explosives, but that makes it the armouries problem to keep supply ahead of her demand instead of mine, which suits me just fine.