Lothar covered it well, but he hadn’t even seen the finished comic when he wrote that newspost. It wasn’t uploaded to the server until about 23:59 for our midnight update. Lothar was shittin’ bricks XD

And why did I end up being so last minute, and cause the echidna to damn near pull his quills out? Perhaps this, will serve as a valid excuse? That and the other two renders might look pretty nifty now, but we shall see what my digital modeling teacher says when I hand these in for my assignment. I think he’s expecting something a little more detailed and oh, I dunno, photo-frickin’-realistic? -_-; Modeling environments is long, boring, and no fun – I wanna do characters, dammit! Anywho, yeah, that is indeed the EN kitchen, only glimpsed in a handful of images thus far. Gonna render up some comic backgrounds, make my life a little easier in that department. I’ll probly extend the model to cover the adjacent living room too, eventually.

Art-Monkey Virus, over and out.