I’m sure most people have heard about the Manhunt controversy here in the UK. Where a 17 year old killed a 14 year old because he was apprantly obsessed with the game.

However it turns out that the game was owned by the 14 year old, most likely his parents bought him it, and that the killer wanted to rob the kid to pay off a drugs debt.

The Daily Mail, the most extreme right wing newspaper in the UK, ignored police reports that said about 17 times that Manhunt and the murders were not connected. To the UK Media, hahahahahahaha, you fucking suck, hahahahahahaha.

Not that this will get them to retract their stories or print apologies to Rockstar or anything. Though this will probably get that lawsuit against Sony and Rockstar thrown out the window. Just goes to show you that the lawyer and parents did not give a SHIT about their dead sons hobby, they just wanted money. Fucking bastards.