Ah, dammit. It sucks putting up the temporary pic. ‘Cause the real comic replaces with the same filename, and people end up loading from their cache and then emailing ’cause they still can’t see the comic. If you understood that, you probably know what to do. For everybody else – If the comic isn’t showing, hold down Ctrl and hit Refresh.

Fun fact: About a week ago, I came across Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov on one our shelves, in a random search for reading material. Never having read any Asimov before, I thought I’d give it a bash. It wasn’t until skimming the list of his other titles and noticing I, Robot, that it suddenly clicked that the recent film was an adaptation of a book by said author. I guess I already knew that, but I never really realised it until that moment. I wonder, did my subconscious lead me to that book, having been influenced by trailers for the movie on TV? Strange.