We now return you to your regularly scheduled comic.

Oh, and you want wierd spam, check this shit out:

>So now he walked under his canopy in the midst of the procession.
>The third said that he never went into strange places
>I began to think I was turning into a madonna myself.
>You also see that the priority changed at some point in the past.
>She called the ugly water snakes her little chickens.
>You only met him a week ago and are working to know him better.
>She was quite different from the beauties they call antiques.
>Only when evening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire.
>She then took off her frog skin and stood a maiden dressed in silk and sa= tin.
>The time of the meal arrived and the sultan sat down before the three dis= hes.
>She certainly might have asked more sensible questions.
>Lee was quickly drafted by one team as a player left for lunch.
>The engineer decided not to tell anyone about the ghost.
>The white skeletons sunk down into the deep waters.
>I will not say anything untoward when your friend shows up.

Poetic, no? o__o;