Blasphemy shows his friendship for Eastwood by offering him some cookies. Aww, so nice to see them getting along. Check out her deviantArt page.

By the by, this comic was a collab between Silv and I. He’s a-colourin’ my inks. This setup seems to be mutually beneficial, and reasonably successful. Lets continue. Until I get a new graphics tablet, we didn’t have a choice there anyway, I can’t colour.

(By the… other by… Last week was a similar collab, with Qeeko inking and colouring my sketchwork. Well done to Qeeko for making sense of my messy scribblings. I’ll ink em for Silv, I’m not shirking my workload that much.)

Anyways, hopefully we’ve got our act together now. Thanks for sticking it out with us these past few however-longs. Stuff and nonsense kept getting in the way. Any promises of returning to stability prior to this one were lies.

Promise: “We will now return to stability.” – Not a lie.