Hello and welcome to Exterminatus Now. I am Lothar Hex, one of your hosts for this little webcomic. I, Eastwood, Silversword, and Virus hope you enjoy your stay here.

What is Exterminatus Now you ask? Well it’s this webcomic (duh), set in a world based off of an old project Virus, Eastwood and Silversword were doing, called “The Grim Darkness”.
Exterminatus Now isn’t the same as Grim, but it uses pretty much everything in it for humorous purposes.

The comic will follow the adventures of our characters, Virus, Eastwood, Lothar and Rogue (and others, as we think of ‘em). And will (hopefully) update twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. Now that you know this, enjoy the comic!

Lothar signing off.