It’s no secret that I (and Eastwood, and ocassionally the other two) poke around TVTropes, and keep tabs on our page there. As a rule, I try not to add to it myself -that doesn’t really feel in keeping with the …spirit of the place. By and large, I just try and stop people putting in links to the old, abandoned comicgenesis page. Seriously, you can stop it with those now.

However, every now and then I feel the need to nudge somebody back onto the right track – Word Of God priveledge and all that.

So in that light, I hate to break it to you, but……Ok, no, I am quite happy to break it to you – Wildfire is and always has been an amalgamation of a Dirty Pair (Flash) homage merged with the antithesis of Rogues most defining character traits (intellegence -> scatterbrained, arrogant overestimation of skill -> understated incredible raw aptitude, precision -> recklessness, highly apathetic -> infuriatingly eager, and so on), and I am both amused and dismayed that at least one person considers her some kind’ve backlash to people asking for female characters. Sorry, guys, but the “you should have a girl join the team!” backlash went and passed years before Wildfire appeared in the comic – though interestingly, two years after she was designed. You’d be surprised to know just how far we work ahead, and how much further back we pull ideas and characters to work with. Also I apologise to your eyes if you clicked on that second link. Old art makes me cry even when it was good at the time, and that….not so much.

Anyway. This has been your semi-informative info-dump of the arbitrary time period. Enjoy!