You doubt the validity of my Word of God usage? Fine. I’m not even responsible for the first couple uses, but it usually makes a good shorthand for noting when I’ve edited things. Here, though, I’ll back myself up.

* I always took it that the dark gods somehow played off from the light gods [snip]

Dunno who thought this up. An interesting concept, but not one in actual use. They are, indeed, misreading into things. The fact that we have a matching number on each side and only four primary gods is a legacy effect of early worldbuilding anyway.

* Has there ever been an explanation why there’s no hedgehogs in the comic? [snip]

The actual reason is that we wanted to do different species and avoid the tired standards of the style.

And while I’m here, I’ll back the other ones up.

Besides, they’ve pointed out both in-strip and by Word of God that it’s not the actual 40K universe [snip]

This. As many times as is nessecery to get it through people’s heads.

By Word of God, they’re still not gonna try publishing it, though. If Sega’s lawyers don’t murder them, GW’s will.

This one is the only one that I dispute, but it may have been an old quotable stance of one of the others. In recent terms though, we’re actually just too unmotivated to do the groundwork and foot the bills involved in putting together a book for an uncertain return. The idea was thrown about a couple years back but didn’t hold traction.

Next time on “Silv’ comments TvTropes Pages”. the WMG Page! Keep that hilarity going, because on the mark or not it’s fun to watch you go.