OK a bit of news. Because Virus has quite a bit of University work to do in the next month, we’re gonna be temporarily switching the comic to Friday only updates until the end of December. He has quite a bit of work to do and wont be able to do as many comics as he’d like to so this means he dosent have to worry about the comic while he’s doing work. But dont worry, like I said we’ll switch back to our regular Bi-Weekly update schedule at the end of the month. So I’d just like to apologize for this but it’ll make Virus’s life a little easier.

In other news, we’ve got two new fan comics in the Fanart section by our friends TME and RedFox, so go check those out.

Also, thanks to Shin-Goji of Twisted Kaiju Theater for the banner advertising on his site, if your coming from there I hope you enjoy the comic.

See you next Friday.

*Realises this will delay Lothar’s introduction in the comic by 3 weeks* Damnit.