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Next, we’re on Top Web Comics now, to see if it’s does anything to attract more readers to the site, if not then meh.

Anyway I said last week I would try to think of something to write about, and well I got nothing, so I’m going to talk about the first thing that comes into my head.

……….damn this is taking longer than I thought. OK I got a topic.

Robot’s, aren’t they just cool? As you may or may not have noticed, in EN Lothar is a cyborg (and if ANYONE says ANYTHING about “Robotocization” I retain the right to make fun of you), this has a lot to do with my affection with robots and things or a robotic nature, one of his inspirations, was the Terminator films, personally one of my favourite movie trioligies, although #3 was subpar, but still enjoyable. Whether it be giant robots with guns the size of a warehouse strapped to it’s arms, Arnie blasting away with a shotgun while having his face melted off, or those little tiny spy robot thingies they have in practically every spy film now. Robots are cool.

I suppose it all started when I first saw “Transformers” when I was a kid. I’m talking about the ORIGIONAL Transformers here, not the crap that’s on TV today, Optimus Prime beating the crap out of Megatron while spouting phrases like “No harm shall come to any one as long as I’m around” or “Buy our toys!”. While Megatron was having his arse handed to him,. Starscream was plotting the best way to take over the Decepticons while thinking of a good excuse when it miserablly failed, while Soundwave was just standing there…emotionless, with a very creepy voice. The cool thing about Trasnformers is that essentially you have 2 toys in one, a robot and whatever the hell it transforms into. You could have Optimus Prime being a robot one second then have him in truck mode running over you sisters My Little Ponies, and that took some work in my house, my sister had THOUSANDS of those little plastic bastards, I had about 7 transformers at the time (I have a few more now), and belive me trying to kill every one of her ponies took a while.

Anyway, but the thing about robots I probably like the most is the fact that whenever you see they do a tnne of property damage. Think about the scenes in Terminator 2 where Arnie and the T-1000 (The liquid metal dude) fight in the mall and then take it outside, see how much damage they cause. And then think about the Mechs in the MechWarrior games, one of the funs things in those was getting an enemy base and stomping on all the soldiers. I mean yeah you’ve got lasers, but your in a 15 tonne mech, and they’re just guys with laser pistols, why waste the ammo? It’s especially fun in MechAssault when they scream.

Moving on from just plain robots we have Cyborgs, which is kinda what Arnie was in the Terminator films. The difference between a robot and a cyborg is basically that robots are all mechanical, cyborgs have “alive” parts, like Lothar in EN, or the “Borg” in the newer Star Trek (Ok yeah Star Trek is kinda boring “I think this space phenomenon is basically a transdimensional whatchamacallit thats has intercepted the parsecticanal, done a dosey do around some gamma radiation thereby taking in Einstein’s theory of E=MC Hammmer *snore*”) Arnie was said to be a cyborg in Terminator, as he had skin ans muscles over his robotic skeleton, but I tend to group the Terminator as a “Robot” for some reason. I dunno why. A more accurate description I think of a cyborg would be Master Chief from Halo, metal skeleton added, increased brain capabilities, muscle enhancements, able to carry around an A.I construct in his head, etc etc. And what did Master Chief do with these abilities? Blew up Halo, which is basically a small PLANET. So yeah, Cyborgs rock.

Ok I’m done now, maybe next time I’ll type something people may be actually interested in.