Well, that was a new and interesting experiance.

For those who don’t visit the forums, I’ll explain. Virus’s laptop is broken, thereby cutting him off from Photoshop (amongst other things), and thereby preventing him from making any comics. This, as you might gather, puts us in a bit of a tight spot.
Luckily for us, I’m not too bad at this drawing malarky. This isn’t really my finest work, so to speak, but it is nominally servicable. Basically though, until further notice, I’m covering the comic production until Vi can get his laptop repaired, replaced, or whatever.

You can probably tell I was a bit pressed for time. Couple that with the fact I’ve rarely drawn the EN guys before, and never drawn a comic before, nor cel shaded…well, there’s only so much I could do. Next week will be better. Hopefully. Probably.
Hey, it’s better than not having a comic at all, right?