Yello. Virus here for some ‘artist’s commentary’ on the above strip. A little bit of experimentation went on this week, and some feedback might not go amiss. First off, plain clothes Harry. It seemed a little odd having Hal walk around in his coat all the time. However without it, he looks naked. I mean… he is naked, but what I mean is, from a design standpoint it’s lacking. So, I dunno, I kinda improvised this shirt thing. Whatcha think? I may dabble in some more outfits over the coming weeks.

Second, Lothar’s missing his chest crescent. Lothar requested that we try going without the mark, in a bid to deviate some more from the Knuckles design origins. Personally I think he looks a little bare without it. Any suggestions from our readers? Keep it, lose it, change it to something else?

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