[Edit] October 1st 2004: Look, don’t expect a new comic today, as Virus’ Grandfather just died. My condolences to your family Virus. Take all the time you need buddy. [/edit]

Again with the new comic. Hopefully this will make up for the rather lacklustre effort I put in when writing last weeks comic. As always Virus provides excellent art. Keep it up man.

Hey I just realised Exterminatus Now turns one year old next week. Well that snuck up on us.

This week I’ve been reliving my mid-eighties/early nineties childhood by watching my new Transformers Season 2 Boxset DVDs. Let me tell you, this show is just the sort of thing a cynical bastard enjoys. Its got all the things you love and remember from being a kid, except now you can laugh at all the really stupid shit that happens in the show.

Seriously if its not stupid crap like the animators colouring the damn characters wrong it’s just the inane plans the Decepticons come up with. Example, one episode had the Decepticons found a shaft that led to the Earth’s core in an ancient ruined Inca temple that provided limitless energy. So what did they do with this unlimited energy source? Put it in energon cubes and ship it off to Cybertron (like every week)? Nope! They made a gun out of it so they could shoot at everything within a 100ft radius of the temple. Yes, that really put the fear of God in the Autobots that episode.

Anyway, nothing substantial for me to add this week, as I’ve been awake since 3am Thursday. Brain tends to not wanna write anything for more than 5 minutes. So later.