Moving the plot along, funny may have suffered, apologies.

Fan art:
1) Love Child by Ultimate Creature II
2) The Inqusition Wants You by Xiaon
3) Lothar Hex by Scott Shepard
4) Scarface by James Farmer

And we have a new forum, no longer hosted on The Fallout Shelter. Simply because, well, we wanted our own. Everyone is invited to join the new forums which are located here. Enjoy. And thanks to Ian and Tara for hosting our forum for the last year. You guys rock.

Also, I have a special request. According to our Japanese correspondent Junichan, at the Tokyo Game Show someone cosplayed as LOTHAR HEX. Now, her friend did take a pic on her mobile phone, but the has been corrupted in the transfer from phone to computer. Now, if the person who cosplayed as Lothar is reading this. PLEASE SEND ME A PICTURE! MY EGO ISN’T BIG ENOUGH YET! I NEED THIS KIND OF VALIDATION!

So I guess some of our American audience want a British guy’s view on the US Election. All I have to say is that the story of George Bush is inspirational. If a man with the IQ of a Monkfish can get elected president twice, who knows what the rest of us can do.

And finally, don’t expect a news-post from me next week. Halo 2 is out on Thursday in the UK and like I am going to waste time talking to you lot when I could be playing it.