Whoa, okay, we’re a bit piss poor for updates lately. Really sorry. Silv still hasn’t managed to slap his computer issues into line. He’s got a couple things left to try, and if all goes well, we might have Friday’s comic with you later on Friday, or sometime Saturday. But that’s “if all goes well”. And the track record for “things going well” so far doesn’t look encouraging. However, read on, for we are going to attempt to make up for the lack of comic lately.

As you may or may not know, I’m doing a (multimedia and) 3D animation degree. And for my animation project the past semester, I modeled and animated a sequence starring EN’s very own Ryoushi ‘Rogue’ Nekkitou. We now bring you this animation for download. It’s in Quicktime .mov format, and zipped it weighs in at 13.6MB. Make sure you’re able to play Quicktime and have an unzip utility. Right click and save as.

There was meant to be a second scene to go with this that would’ve made it funnier… The workload proved too much though. Hrmwell, such is life.