I see no bugger’s left a newspost again. They’re all fired. Let us see where my disjointed string of consciousness takes us this night, shall we?

Teh comic above for your perusal. Yay, Toaster. And ha, pink robe. Silversword wrote (most of) this’n. Silv, who is still an Unscannable. I hear that scanners break down if he so much as looks at them. And they spontaneously explode in a deadly hail of glass shrapnel when he touches them, apparently.

So the Powerpuff Girls are Sailor Moon or someshit now. Do they have to be? I think I liked em better when they were only a pastiche of anime. Now they’re gonna be all shouting out attack moves as a psychedelic piece of stock footage kicks in. And let’s have a sarcastically insincere ‘Hooray’ for gimmicky yo-yos, mallets, and bubble wands. Powerpuff Girls are teh win, FYI, but magical girl anime… is not.

Speaking of annoying anime, I caught a couple episodes of One Piece, which just started showing on Toonami here. They all have really big mouths. And really irritating voices. Geeks complain about dubbed anime a lot, but this time it’s like they went out of their way to make the voices as grating as possible. They left that pink haired kid behind now. Thank gods for that. Now I wonder if they can dump Luffy somewhere too. ‘Gum Gum Punch!’ ‘Gum Gum Rocket!’ ‘Go Go Gadget Helicopter!’ Just stop it.

What kinda name is ‘Monkey’ anyway? Who names their kid ‘Monkey’?

This has been a short and uneventful sleep-deprived ramble by The Virus.