The comic says pretty much everything I needed to say, but I figure I might elaborate some, since I’m here.

Those of you who were paying attention will know Virus and myself were visiting Lothar and his girlfriend Raye during the week. This was all good fun, though we didn’t manage to do a whole lot of comic work. A little, but no full comics. No big surprise there.

The plan was for me to take the half-complete next comic back home and put it together, and for Virus to send me the sketchwork for the next two along later (since he’s off on holiday for a couple weeks), so we wouldn’t miss anything out. This should have worked out fine, except the mp3 player I was using to transfer the files has much the same problem his did, before he replaced it – a tendancy to corrupt non-music stuff. So I lost the comic files. This being the first comic of the new storyline, this causes us a few problems.

Irony is a bitch.