So, I was browsing through my DeviantArt stuff when I saw a comment by yami27 on my page; he had a Lothar avatar on his post. I thought “hey look, a fan” and clicked on it. Now I admit, the guy’s a good artist and had some good pictures of Lothar, (though he seemed to be under the impression that Lothar wore brown boots and had bionic toes Lothar doesn’t wear any boots, he just bionic grey “boot feet”) so I clicked into his gallery.

Damn near EVERYTHING in his gallery was of Lothar, and some of it was kind of creepy, for example, drawing Lothar sleeping more than once, a baby Lothar (I know we already have a picture of that by Juni in the fan art gallery but I’ll get to why this annoyed me) and one of Lothar getting shot. Which I suppose makes sense, as Lothar is a merc and it’s kind of a company hazard. Like how working in a toy factory comes with a risk of you becoming bludgeoned to death with a Barney the Dinosaur toy (the most horrifying death imaginable). But it was still kind of creepy, especially the sleeping ones.

Also he had Lothar singing along to Meat Loaf, I don’t like Meat Loaf, bad yami!

Now let me put this straight, I LIKE people drawing fan-art of Lothar, it gives me a huge ego-boost (current ego size = Sun) and I love seeing other peoples renditions of him. What I don’t like however and which is why I was kind of creeped out and angry at yami27, was the fact that he has done around 25 pieces of Lothar work over maybe a year and hasn’t informed me ONCE about ANY of them. In fact, in his latest journal entry he says that “ I was just doing cause i was inspired by him even though no one from EN noticed or even cared about me.”

Newsflash idiot, we didn’t notice/care about you because YOU DIDN’T CONTACT US! NOT EVEN ONCE! We don’t go LOOKING for EN stuff, so stop playing the pity game arsehole.

Anyway, after seeing the gallery I noticed that yami27, while not claiming credit for Lothar, had not given credit to the other Exterminatus Now members or me. Again we like people doing fan art, but at least say in the description that they’re from Exterminatus Now. You don’t even have to put a link on it or anything, just say they’re from EN. Yami had put one link on one of his works, but didn’t state that it was or wasn’t his character. Which to be honest, to people who haven’t heard of EN before and see a gallery of Lothar without any credit, it’s gonna look like HE created Lothar (which turned out to be the case with one of his friends which I’ll get to later).

So I sent him a DA note asking him to give credit on the pictures. And another telling him about the brown boots/feet thing, and then I notice something which made me even more creeped out. Yami27, on his own DA journal admitted to writing adult fan-fiction. Now considering his rather obsession with Lothar, I understandably was rather concerned, so I went to the site and looked at the descriptions of his work (like HELL was I actually gonna read it).

It turned out that all the stories he wrote were of the Male on Male variety, although none of them did contain Lothar. Now I think history will show that I have no problem with gay people. In fact it pisses me off to some degree that America pisses on their rights by not letting them get married in six states (or was it eight? I forget). But I myself, am not gay and do not want to engage in sexual relations with another man, my girlfriend Raquel, who just spent 2 weeks in the UK with me before going back to America, can attest to this. So as I’m sure you can all understand that I was slightly concerned, I mean Lothar obsession + writing homosexual fan-fiction, you work out what I was concerned about.

So with anger I typed up a journal entry and sent it to Yami, stating that it would go up on the site eventually (it hasn’t since this is a completely new post I have written up). He had started to put links on the fan work but after I sent this he started sending me arse-kissing emails/notes back, calling himself a “fucking fag” and stating that he wasn’t gay at all. In one of his emails he posted this excuse for the adult writings;

“And i do not write homosexual stories. I can’t get an account on cause of the cookies so i went onto adultfanfcition instead. And i was grossed out at all the gay stories other people had but i had no choice so i submitted my stories. i do not support gay relationships as i am a straight. I have a girlfriend.” (OK I gave the same reason for not being gay, but I don’t write stories involving Sonic characters performing anal sex on each other, so you can’t really call my sexuality into question.)

So you don’t write homosexual stories? But you did for adult because everyone else was doing it? So, either he’s:

a) Lying about being gay and did the stories because he’s a fucking idiot.
b) Lying about being straight, this makes him a hypocrite and quite frankly, a coward since he can’t stand up for himself.
c) Just plain dumber than George Bush after several smacks to the head with an aluminium pipe and an all night keg-party.

Personally, I think its b and c.

So after that he posts a DA journal entry saying he’s “lost all inspiration, yadda yadda” when a friend of his comes on saying that he should continue. I tell this friend that Lothar is MY character, not his. She then IM’s me, apologizing for thinking that, and states that she didn’t know this because yami27 had actually claimed that EN was his in IM conversations. She says that she didn’t really look at the page much and thought the difference in art was due to her thinking yami improved on it because “it was computerised and stuff.” Ok she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but at least she’s honest.

As you can imagine, this pisses me right off. Not only is he taking credit for my character, but also for the hard work of the other EN staff members.

So yami27, in closing, you are a horrible person, a fucking coward and just plain retarded, and I hope everyone who knows yami and reads this makes SURE he fucking knows that. Not only is he unable to stand up for himself, he’s expecting PITY from this. If anyone gives him pity, you’re almost as stupid as he is.

Thank you and goodnight.