A bit crap, but meh.

Shut the hell up and kill yourself!

Nice title huh? Yeah I thought so. Anyway, as I was idly flipping through the TV channels the other day I came across that scourge upon the world, Big Brother, the show that started the whole Reality TV bullshit. Many people outside the UK may not know this, but the concept was actually first conceived over here, and for that we are eternally sorry. Actually no we’re not, we had to suffer it, so you have to as well!

Anyway, one of the contestants was crying her eyes out in this interview room to the film crew. She was going on and on about how she was miserable there and that the public was being horrible to her and making her stay just so she could suffer.

My thoughts? GOOD! What the hell did you expect to happen? You’ve watched the show haven’t you? You are there to entertain the great unwashed masses, not to fucking enjoy yourself. The more miserable you are, the more the public will enjoy watching you squirm, and honestly, you signed up for a Reality TV show, so you fucking deserve to be treated like shit for furthering the advancement of this pure tripe of a genre.

Nobody watches these things so they can see people get on with each other. They watch them to see how 9 nutters will react when they are shut up in a house together and told they can’t leave. They then hope that somebody either gets into a fight or start fucking each other, and in this series of Big Brother, they’ve done both. Yes, people had sex live on national television at stupid o’ clock in the morning. Personally I don’t see why you would want to have sex with anybody in that house, they’re all either really fucking ugly, incredibly stupid or have stupid names. One of the current contestants is called SCIENCE for crying out loud, since when did we start naming our kids after subjects at school?
“Hello these are our children, Science, Maths, History and Home Economics.”

It just annoys me that these fuckers gon on a show where they KNOW people are entertained by making them look like complete utter fucking idiots, AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT IT! It’s your own fault damnit, now either shut the fuck up or kill yourself.

Yes I know this was not a particulary funny or long rant, but to be honest I really can’t be arsed today. Maybe next update I’ll make fun of some obscure 80′s cartoon nobody remembers. Who knows?

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