Ooo-arrr, bitches.

Or not.
Dull week, ‘cept a few notable things on the televisification machine.

Anyone in Blighty who watches the Beeb knows they’re forever trying to shift digital television to justify spreading their repitoire across over a dozen channels. They’ve tried a variety of adverts, ranging from simply dull, to patronizing, and now they’ve progressed onto disturbing.

Right now, the advert is a rather nice landscape shot. Cliffs and fields and the sea. And then, hundreds of floating heads all fly around, forming a giant gesalt flying head, made out of the smaller “parts”. When this ├║berhead speaks, it’s all the lesser heads speaking in unison. It’s eerie in the extreme. And the BBC think scaring me shitless with daemonic gesalt heads is going to make me give them even more money.

And I’m not alone.


Also, for those of you who read SSDD/Poisoned Minds, Al is having a cash-money drive to upgrade to the newest version of Flash. Be a sport and throw him a few quid, would you?

Eastwood ~ Doing a drive-by in a combine harvester