Right, I’ve noticed that many of my American friends and many websites have been talking about the fact that saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is anti-Christian or whatever. I’ve even had some wanker called “wildrook” on my fucking DeviantArt page saying all atheists hate religion. No they don’t you ignorant tit, they just don’t believe in it. Apparently I’m one as well, even though I’ve always thought of myself as agnostic considering I DON’T FUCKING KNOW if either view s true or not, though I do put my faith in stuff I can see than some book that’s been edited dozens of times over the last 2000 years.

As for the “Happy Holidays” thing, I think everyone involved needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP! You’re all being moronic little shits about it.

Christians, did you know that the word “Holiday” comes from “Holy Day”, which I didn’t know myself until I saw this comic over at Crap I Drew On my Lunch Break, which kicks arse by the way. Christmas comes from the words “Christ” and “Mass” as a religious mass was held on the day of Christ’s birth. You know what that makes it? A HOLY DAY! Why the hell are you getting offended by calling something what it is? You’re idiots, all of you.

Atheists, STOP DOING IT JUST TO ANNOY THE CHRISTIANS! It’s not big or clever and I keep thinking of you as this kid I used to know way back in Primary School who used to pick on other kids so they would hit him and he could get them into trouble. You’re being stupid fucking retards about it and not helping yourselves. If you’re saying it because you like saying it more than “Merry Christmas”, fair enough. But if you’re doing it just to annoy people, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Now go away.

Welcome to America! Where the population goes stark raving bonkers over the tiniest piece of bullshit! Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve just finished some University work, so I’m going to go and play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which gets much better when everyone starts speaking English and not retarded stereotypical “gangsta” speak.