Wrote a ranty paragraph when I was in a slightly bad-ish mood:

“Played some Shadow the Hedgehog recently. What a pile of shit. It might have turned out to be an okay game, had the horrible controls and all-time low camera not rendered it virtually unplayable. But since those factors and more do exactly that, it’s a little hard to notice anything else. Those amateur hacks at Sega really need to hire some staff with some actual talent and skill and stop letting the work experience kids do all their programming for them. It’s shoddy, shoddy work. There are plenty of people in the world who can actually make videogames. Why has one of my favourite franchises got stuck with these hacks who can’t program their way out of the proverbial paper bag?”

What kind of mood am I in now? Do I still feel the same way? I dunno, all ‘feeling’ left me around 4am. Currently running on auxilliary brain cells only. Gonna shut those down right about nowish.

Oh yea, happy new wossname, whatever, bleh, there’s a 6 in it maybe.