NEW FAN ART! Which has been meaning to go up for MONTHS now. What can I say? I’m a lazy fuck.

First piece comes from Kevin Gibson, from the webcomic Over the Edge. Thanks Kev! I had a friend called Kevin once, annoying little shit he was. The second piece comes from my mate Drew, who did it as part of his Lecture Notes comic, which I’m pretty sure will die from me linking it since he hosts it on which has about as much bandwidth as Jamie Oliver has functional brain cells (hint for the yanks, it’s not a lot).

As some of you may know I recently purchased a slimline PS2 for myself, since new Xbox releases have started to dry up, and I don’t want an Xbox 360 yet (PS3 doesn’t interest me and I’m not sure about he Revolution/GO/whatever the fuck they’re calling it now.)

So I picked up three games with it, then decided one was crap and got another one, so here’s my thoughts on those four games.

God of War: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST IN A HANDBASKET! WHY DIDN’T I PLAY THIS BEFORE!? I got my PS2 last Wednesday and completed it in a week, but by Angelina Jolie’s huge deformed lips was it an enjoyable. It’s kind of like the opposite spectrum of the action/adventure genre from the likes of Prince of Persia, which was mainly about brilliant platforming with some crap combat thrown in. God of War, conversely, is about brilliant combat with some crap platforming sections in. I am mostly referring to the Hades level, where you can to walk along and climb up rotating beams/pillars with spikes on them. I spent half a fucking hour continually falling off those fucking spiked pillars. Is there a rule that every brilliant game have to have at least one shite level or something?

I particularly enjoyed the unique ways each enemy had to kill it; nothing says fun like ripping the head off a gorgon. If you own a PS2 and enjoy action/adventure games of the Devil May Cry variety (I don’t like DMC myself, but it’s the closest equivalent I can think of to God of War, though GoW is ten times better).

Transformers: I enjoyed this at first, but got really sick of it. I was never really fond of collect-em-ups type games to begin with, but the horrible controls just were not suited to the task at hand. That task being making a 20-30ft tall robot do Jak-esque platform hopping. I know it garnered many positive reviews, but I honestly couldn’t see what the fuss was about.

Killzone: Got rid of Transformers for this, and while it isn’t Halo, it’s pretty decent. The art direction, look, and sound can’t be faulted. It’s like they took World War 2, stuck it on another planet and gave everyone some bloody kick-arse guns.

Still the frame rate on it is absolutely atrocious; often dropping to levels which make it resembles a rather fast slideshow. The whole multiple character thing doesn’t add much to the experience either, since they all pretty much play the same anyway. And the A.I is just so…average, you think after all the hype the Helghast would do more than pop in and out of the same piece of cover every two seconds. Haven’t played it online yet as I’m waiting for my network access disc from Sony, but I’ll give it a whirl.

We Love Katamari: At first I wasn’t too sure about this as rolling up paperclips and balls wasn’t too much fun. However, the other night I finally unlocked the levels that let you roll up the bigger stuff, such as…PEOPLE. After that it just became a right good laugh.

Seriously though, how come nobody mentioned how evil this game is? After you’ve rolled a Katamari that contains small children, the King of the Cosmos turns it into a planet, stretching and destroying their precious organs, or he blows it up to create stardust, DESTORYING THE VERY FANS OF KATAMARI HE CLAIMS TO LOVE! THE MERCILESS BASTARD!

And then, there’s the dog. Who wants me to roll the Earth into other planets, and then the Sun. What the bloody hell happened to this dog that caused it to be so full of malice and hate that it wishes fiery nuclear death on us all? (Probably got left alone with a member of PETA)