Onoes teh wurds R missing!!! Whoteva shall we do?? That’s where you come in, O faithful reader! …Yes. It is a caption contest. Send entries to ENfanart at googlemail dot com . Best ones get posted over the next week, or, well, however long we fancy really. This is kind of experimental, we’ll just see what happens.

In the name of laziness, we’d prefer it if you edited the dialogue in yourself and sent us the (properly compressed) image. But if you’re genuinely hard up for an editing program, and can’t convince a friend to do it for you, then I guess you can send the script. If you desire full EN authenticity, the font I use is Digital Strip and it can be downloaded from BlamBot.com.

What’s that? Why no, this isn’t a cunning ploy to generate a few weeks of filler so the artist can take a break. Why do you ask?