Virus: It’ll be slightly delayed as I needed to sleep, but there’ll be a comic up later today. Hope you were able to enjoy my hiatus art, though I know you’re all clamouring to have the comic back. Well, back to my filthy evil I guess. Here’s Lothar:

Well originally this was going to be a comic about Lothar choosing to buy Gears of War instead of the new Sonic the Hedgehog. SIgnfying my own decision to not bother with it, because frankly the demo was shite and I decided I’m never buying a Sonic game again. But instead it’s either something Virus did, or the start of our 61 issue storyline.

I did have a long arsed rant, but quite frankly I can sum up my thoughts in a couple of sentences. Gears of Wars is fucking brilliant. Sonic the Hedgehog is shite.

Pretty much it. Maybe I’ll do something longer next week.