I am a fool.

I bought the Sonic 360 game.

I could tell you how bad it is but honestly I’d just be saying things that have been said before. So instead I’ll tell you that I traded it in towards Rainbow Six: Vegas instead.

Instead I shall tell you about iCeDrAgoN01, a member of the Rooster Teeth website (guys who created Red Versus Blue) who did some rather nice art modifications of the Halo Lothar wallpaper Virus drew a couple of Halloween’s back (2005 I think). Now a fan emailed me about this and I thought “well they’re nice and I’m trying to be a better person, so I’ll ask if he can give due credit.”

I did, and then he said “lol show me proof” or something to that nature, so I linked him to the picture. “DOESN’T WORK LOL”. Sigh. Then linked him to the page the picture was on, and then he just ignored anything I said afterwards. I emailed the admins at the Rooster Teeth website, though I don’t doubt for a minute they have far better things to do. THEN the moron starts moaning that somebody else stole HIS picture on his RT Journal.

So, you know, just throwing that information out there.