My laptop battery’s been knackered for a while now. Just doesn’t hold a charge at all any more. The second you unplug the mains, the machine dies, no low battery warnings or anything. I’ve just lived with it, cuz batteries are expensive, and I could just never be bothered to take the time shopping for the right one. But lately, I dunno, must be a dodgy contact with the mains adapter or something, cuz sometimes when the cable gets wobbled slightly, the power cuts out. Happened a couple times in a row when I was setting up to work on the comic. More than a little worrying. Power failure mid-comic would have been fuuun. I haven’t dared shift the laptop from its position on the desk all night, and I’ve been extra cautious not to trip on the cable or nuthin when getting up. Made it anyhow. And I’ve finally ordered me a new battery.

See ya next week. Probably gonna have a story interval before too long. As was probably metioned, this arc is rather long-haul, so to break things up a bit, we’re gonna pay a quick visit to the Realms of the Gods.