Sorry to hijack the first post V, but this needs attention.

Someone on our forum’s pointed out a section of the game “Furcadia” to us on our forums, basically someone has created the Mobian Inquisition HQ in the game…and is claiming to be Lothar’s wife, along with people parading around Virus, Lothar, Eastwood, and Rogue avatars. Pictures of the HQ in the game can be seen here.

This is CREEPY. VERY CREEPY. This fan, Knuckles6K and I have had words about her stalker-ish tendencies before…she has claimed to be a close friend of me before and my characters “wife” as well. It seems that those private warnings fell on deaf ears…so let’s see if she can ignore them when it’s posted on the front page of the site.

I mean it’s great that we have devoted fans…but this is just overboard and I actually feel incredibly uncomfortable by this. I mean what the hell am I supposed to think? Should I be flattered that this random girl is making these claims and seems to ignore our bloody copyright? I am seriously considering contacting Furcadia about this to see what their rules about copyright infringement are. It might have helped K6K’s case if we were informed of this by her or were asked, but NO! She just does this in secret to what end? Apparently to have sex with people in the game. That, to me, is all kinds of fucked up, especially considering I am only just learning about this now.

So, K6K, you are creepy. If this hurts your feelings, good. You not only ignored my initial comments on your activities, but then went behind my back to fufill your screwed up fantasies. But your brought this on yourself by ignoring my private warnings before. Now it’s out in the open, let’s see how you deal with it.

Here’s her deviant art page.