I used to love that show Gargoyle from Disney before the internet ruined it for me. Just don’t google it with safe search turned off. Trust me

Anyway, is there something about people with German cars that make them drive like absolute pricks? In the last week while driving I’ve been cut off, nearly crashed into, seen people not indicate on motorways full of traffic, speed, park horribly, and pretty much any other sort of behaviour I usually associate with taxi drivers. And they’ve all been done by people in either BMWs, Audis, or Mercedes. I know they’re German, and very well made, but they are not Panzers so you can’t drive them like one.

That said I saw people with Vauxhalls this week who seem to wish they could afford those cars, and were trying to make up for it in some idiotic ways. One was bright pink Corsa that had overly large wheels, that wouldn’t look out of place on an Audi, but make a small Vauxhall have a ground clearance taller almost as high as my knee and look like some sort of mutant crossbreeding between a Mini and a monster truck. The other one was a Vauxhall Vectra with spinning wheel trims (hubcaps for the Americans in the audience)

Spinners. On a Vectra.

One of these.

Yes lets make an already crap car look even worse.